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Extreme Bean Caesar Shrimp Shots


Extreme Bean Hot & Spicy 

Cocktail Shrimp 

Clam juice mix 

Matt & Steve’s Caesar Rim 



Extreme Bean Brine 

Lime Juice

Prep Time  3-5 minutes 



  • 1.In a mixing pitcher add 5 oz. Clamato Juice, 2 oz. Vodka, splash of lime juice, Extreme Bean Brine & worch (should make 10 shots, adjust mix for more or less)
  • Rim shot glasses with Matt & Steve’s Caesar Rim
  • Pour mix into each rimmed shot glass to just under the rim
  • Place cocktail shrimp across shot glass
  • Chop Extreme Bean in Half and Garnish



Chill , place on a serving platter share and enjoy Cheers


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