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Matt & Steve's Journey

The Matt & Steve’s journey started with the simple idea of trying to make the Caesar a little better .  We first tackled the garnish introducing The Extreme Bean with its big flavour and big crunch , it quickly became a favourite among Caesar drinkers .Our journey took us across Canada sampling thousands of Caesars introducing Canadians to The Extreme Bean . We learned a few lessons along the way and we realized the Journey was just beginning  . We listened to those passionate Caesar drinkers and then Crafted our Matt & Steve’s Caesar rim from a blend of fresh herbs and spices that prepares the palette and enhances the Caesar experience . At that time we also started adding a splash of Extreme Bean brine to thin out the beverage and give it a smooth easy drinking feel . We have taken all of our lessons and have now put it in a easy to drink can , We are very excited for you to try the New Matt & Steve’s Original Caesar - Lightly Spiced.


Matt & Steve's Caesar

Original -Lightly Spiced & Hot & Spicy
Eva Foam
Premium CANADIAN Vodka
We chose a premium Canadian vodka that is column distilled and charcoal filtered to remove any impurities .
Non slip surface
Our tomato paste is created form 100 % Vine Ripened Tomatoes picked at the peak of freshness .
An aromatic blend of select herbs and spices that creates a balanced Caesar with the perfect amount of flavour
Extreme Bean Brine
We add a splash of Extreme Bean to create a smooth and easy drinking Caesar
Made for Canadians by Canadians

Everyone is invited ...

Drink it Chilled right out of the can or pour over ice in a glass rimmed with Matt & Steve's Caesar rim and Garnish with an Extreme Bean . We invite you to raise a glass or can and enjoy a few Tasty Beverages with us .  Cheers Matt & Steve


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Made for Canadians by Canadians